Habitat Planting with Jesse Morris

Update: This project which was begun on Nov. 4, 2022, will be continued. The target of 550 plants was only partially completed when the volunteers who had signed up were not able to make it. Fortunately, Kaley Wisher, Pheasants Forever Conservation Biologist, was there to pitch in, and together she and Jesse Morris (WDFW Private Lands Access Biologist) were able to plant about 300 shrubs. They planted 100 Wood’s rose, 45 bitterbrush, 150 golden currant, and 30 mock orange. They have about 120 mock orange and 100 junipers left to plant.

Now that the weather has turned, the rest may have to wait, since they cannot be easily planted in muddy or frozen ground. The project may be delayed until after the March thaw, but Jesse will let us know when there is an opportunity to plant again.

Here are some images from Nov. 4th.

This habitat project will occur on a property enrolled in the WDFW’s Private Lands Hunting Access program. It is located in the Baird Springs/Beezley Hills area north of Quincy. The work crew will plant 445 deciduous shrubs and 100 junipers for thermal/escape cover and forage, into a degraded area between quality shrub steppe habitat and agricultural fields. This is Part 1, of a small, multi-year habitat enhancement project. The work will occur between Tuesday November 1, and Friday November 4, depending on the weather. As the dates get closer he will choose a specific day.

Jesse could use up to 6 volunteers to assist with planting. This is a great opportunity for volunteers to get hands-on experience planting wildlife habitat, and Jesse will be available to answer your questions about wildlife habitat and the WDFW’s Private Lands Hunting Access program. He will provide all the equipment necessary for planting, volunteers just need to be sure they come prepared for manual labor and cold weather, and bring plenty of water.
You may use the Contact Page to sign up.
Or you may reach Jesse Morris at 509-754-4624 ext. 238, or email: Jesse.Morris@dfw.wa.gov.

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