Quail Feeder Project Dec 5, 2022

On Dec 5th, volunteers filled feeders with wheat provided by the WDFW, as part of a project to supplement food for valley quail at six locations in the Quincy/Ephrata area. The lands are managed by the Columbia Basin Wildlife Area, who maintain an additional 40 or so feeders within the wildlife area. It is our hope, that in future years the CBPF can increase its participation to include other feeders not currently maintained, and thereby increase the survival and productivity of additional quail coveys. These six feeders will be monitored and filled as needed into March of 2023.

Woody Trihey and the Columbia Basin Wildlife Area WCC crew after loading Woody’s truck with 2,200 lbs of wheat.

The Quail Feeder Crew: Bill Harm, Eric Lauver, Greg Baltzell, and Woody Trihey

The Quail Feeder Crew at one of the feeders.

Filling the Feeders

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